2020 SG Ball Train-On Squad

Sep 23, 2019 | By Tigers

Congratulations to the players selected for the 2020 SG Ball Train-On Squad.

Balmain Tigers would like to thank all of the players who applied and attended the trials.

Players who have been selected are required to complete the following information – https://forms.gle/qGRpuUVLDToCUxVq9. (Bank & tax details not required)

The following boys to assemble Leichhardt Oval Monday 4th Nov at 5pm for induction night.

Train-On Squad

Ponipate Rakuli
Livai Saukuru
Hayden Essery
Jaycob Anjoul
Bray Guyan
Henry O’Kane
Jayme Elias
Dylan Cowin
Zane Camroux
Max Scanlon
Watisioni Bogisio
Zayn Wilkins
Hayden Orley
Sam Kanaan
Liam Wright-Terry
Ray Raad
Vaka Aho
Brendan Tumeth
Oskar Enasio
Christian Jardim
Stefan Moscarello
Jaxson Rahme
Edwynne Afeaki
Tom Jarret
Jayden Mclachlan
Mikey Tannous
Darcy Hoy
Nathaniel Bakon
Tafeuni Vea
Thomas Kwok
Semisi Foilaki
Cougar Wheeler
Harrison Henson
Seb Severino
Mataele Fifita
Brock Fechney
Cayne Nicholas
Will Carroll

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