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Chairman's Report

Dear Fellow Balmain Leagues Club Members,

There has been considerable recent interest concerning Balmain Leagues Club’s Rozelle site.

The sale of this important “gateway” precinct to Grand Rozelle Pty Ltd is expected to be completed within the next few weeks.

In the recent Land and Environment Court decision, Balmain Leagues Club was specifically referred to as an important component of any redevelopment of the site. The future financial viability of the Club was a further Court consideration.

The Balmain Leagues Club Directors will naturally need such assurances, after a stressful eight years of exile, in order for the site redevelopment to proceed with Inner West Council approval. Constructive discussions between the Board and Grand Rozelle will continue, with this as the central issue.

The Club was recognised by the Court as an important entity providing vital funding, social and sporting¬†facilities to its members and the wider community, which it has done since its beginning in 1908. Apart from it’s role as a partner of Wests Tigers, it has fostered a strong junior rugby league competition as well as giving financial assistance to a number of other sporting clubs within its district, over a great many years.

We of the Balmain Leagues Club Board have greatly appreciated the generous support we have received during recent times from a number of other sporting organisations, particularly Wests Ashfield, Ryde Eastwood Leagues Club and the Balmain District Junior Rugby League Clubs, as well as the warm hearted members of our Club and our loyal management and staff.

I will further report to you the progress of these negotiations as they occur.

Leslie Glen
Chairman – Balmain Tigers

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