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Chairman's Update

Dear Fellow Balmain Leagues Club Members,

The development of Balmain Leagues Club’s Rozelle site continues to be of great interest to our members as well as the general public.

I have previously informed members about the impending sale of this important “gateway” precinct to Grand Rozelle Pty Ltd.  Balmain Tigers were informed on Tuesday afternoon (March 27th) that the purchase had been settled.

A new Development Approval (DA) will be submitted by the new owners for approval by the Inner West Council.

In the Land and Environment Court decision of 2016, Balmain Leagues Club was specifically referred to as an important component of any redevelopment of the site. The future financial viability of the Club was a further Court consideration.

The Balmain Leagues Club Directors, on your behalf, will naturally need such assurances from the developer. We have all endured a stressful eight years of exile and are enthusiastic for our Club’s return to Rozelle to be finally realised.

Constructive discussions between the Board and Grand Rozelle will continue now that the sale has been finalised.

I will further report on the progress of these negotiations as soon as practicable.

Easter greetings.



Leslie Glen
Chairman – Balmain Tigers

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