From the Wests Tigers CEO and the Balmain Tigers Chairman

Jun 30, 2017 | By Tigers

Read an update from the Wests Tigers CEO & Balmain Tigers Chairman regarding recent reports.

Wests Tigers CEO Justin Pascoe has given an update to Wests Tigers Members regarding recent reports about Wests Tigers future.


Welcome to the Wests Tigers CEO Update for June.

Let’s get things straight.

The Wests Tigers are not going anywhere.

Financially we’re in the best position we’ve ever been in. Revenue is up across the business and we’re on track for a strong financial result this year. We have amazing fan support with 2017 another record year for Membership. We have no current loan with the NRL and under the new proposed NRL funding structure we expect to be profitable in 2018. In doing so we will be one of just a handful of NRL clubs to turn a profit. We are building a successful club that is sustainable.

We’re also in a position where we have unprecedented stability off the field. Our ownership is secured with a new agreement between Western Suburbs and Balmain, we have stability at a Board level and we are working towards a common goal. I’m pleased to say that the level of corporate investment in our club is growing, our playing strip is full and we have added a number of new partners to our club over the last year. These Corporate Partners can see a bright future for Wests Tigers and are committing their hard earned money to us, and we look forward to working with them for many years to come.

Key Financial Statistics

  • 2017 apparel partners at capacity
  • Club on track to be profitable in 2018

Our future is secure. We have a license agreement with the NRL that states that the game is not entitled to direct or compel any club to relocate. As well as that the NRL cannot direct or compel any club to merge or enter into a joint venture, and cannot force the change of identity, logo, name or branding.

We’ve said on a number of occasions that we’re not afraid of making the tough decisions when they need to be made. We’ve made numerous tough decisions, all of which have the future sustainability of the club at their core. The saying goes that doing the same thing time and time again and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. So we’ve made a conscious decision to break away from what we’ve done in the past to change our future. And we will continue to do so.

Our Membership is at its highest ever level. We’re closing in on 18,000 Members, which will be 3,000 above last year’s record number. You, our dedicated fans, are showing your support for the direction that the club is heading in by committing as Members and we thank you for that. We’ve worked hard behind the scenes to create a Membership offering that provides much more than just a ticket to the game each week and we’ve been rewarded with record growth. We’re taking our Members behind the scenes, giving them access to the people they want to see, the players, and are providing value for money. All of this adds up to an attractive Membership offering that we believe will continue to grow.
Key Membership Statistics

  • Wests Tigers has the fastest growing Membership in Sydney
  • Five Sydney based clubs have a lower overall satisfaction of Membership value according to NRL data

We’re very proud that last year we had the highest average home crowds of any Sydney team. We put a lot of work into turning each of our home games into an event, with specific theming, offers and off-field activities that appeal to the whole family. By doing this we were rewarded with a bump in crowds and for the first time in years were able to put up the ‘Sold Out’ sign at Leichhardt Oval in Round 26. We’ve continued that work into 2017 and are again seeing encouraging crowd figures.
Key Game Day Statistics

  • In 2016 Wests Tigers averaged a home crowd of 15,390
  • Only the Broncos, Cowboys and Storm had a higher average crowd
  • Wests Tigers were the number one Sydney team

Our community programs have become the envy of the game. We now deliver more than 35 meaningful programs across our footprint that are making a real difference in the community. We’re involved in more groups and initiatives than ever before and this is continuing to grow. We’re working on a number of programs that traditionally wouldn’t have been touched by Rugby League and this is something that we’re proud of and will continue to promote for years to come. How someone could suggest removing a club that is making such a positive impact on the community is laughable.

We as a club are fortunate to the have a junior nursery that is one of the three largest in Sydney. We are proud of the developmental pathway that we provide from the grassroots right through to the NRL and will continue to nurture these nurseries and grow the game.

We acknowledge that this club is not perfect, and we can do things better. But that’s why we’re making the changes that we’re making and why we will become one of the great clubs in this competition.

I’d like to finish by thanking you for your ongoing support of Wests Tigers and I look forward to this support continuing for many years to come.

Justin Pascoe
Wests Tigers CEO

Balmain Tigers Chairman Leslie Glen has also written in reply to Justin Pascoe, which you can see below.


Dear Justin,

Your public statements, particularly that reported in the Daily Telegraph 28.6.17, have provoked a deep emotional response from all the people I have spoken to since. They felt that the time to robustly defend the Club’s tenure in the NRL had well & truly come. Your words fell appropriately & helped dispel their frustration, impotence & anger over recent events.

Everyone agrees that the last 18 months have not been happy ones. We had hopes that our Club was building a young team with high prospects of winning another premiership. The ignominious departures of first Robbie Farrah & then Jason Taylor left supporters in disbelief over the manner in which they happened. Since, other departures have hurt our pride & dreams for the future, particularly that the 3 major players turning their backs on us are local juniors.

The arrival of Ivan Cleary has impressed me & given our supporters renewed optimism. We all want very much “to get on the bus” with him, driving steadily through what remains of 2017 & then 2018. Since he addressed the Balmain Tigers’ Board on Tuesday, we have a clearer understanding of his “rebuilding” programme. We appreciate that the current players have had a tough time with uncertainty & drama flowing around them, while competing in one of the world’s toughest sporting competitions.

Balmain Tigers have never wavered in their support for the Wests Tigers. I have been there all along & will defend the truth of this to the end of my days. Your words go some way to reassuring me that our fidelity has not been misplaced.

What Balmain did for the Magpies in 1999 was returned generously by the Magpies to Balmain last year. Be it noted that the then NRL CEO was prepared to let us drown, while sitting on a pile of life buoys.

Forgive me for looking back. I think that this is sometimes a necessary exercise in order to go forward. Forget the NRL & the media. We know with certainty where our support comes from – it comes from within us all.

I support your call to all of us belonging to the Wests Tigers’ community to unite & return our Club to it’s rightful place of inspiration, passion & greatness.

Thank you Justin.



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