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12 September, 2018

The financial agreement struck today between Heworth and Balmain Leagues Club Ltd is a demonstration of both parties’ commitment towards bringing the Balmain Tigers back to Rozelle.

Heworth, which has plans to develop the old Balmain Leagues Club site on Victoria Road, Rozelle, has contributed a significant cash injection to the club, in addition to the ongoing financial and business support, and debt relief, it has provided since acquiring the site last year.

Balmain Leagues Club CEO, Michelle Nielsen said the club expected that discussions would immediately begin with stakeholders in good faith, and with their commercial, and member’s interests, in mind.

“We thank Heworth for the support they’ve shown throughout this process and look forward to working with them, with the ultimate aim of shoring up our assets, our member services, our club and our future.” she said.

Heworth Development Director Brian Hood said that helping secure the long-term viability of the Leagues Club, and its local football competition, remains an important objective.

“Heworth is committed to continuing to work with the club, and any other parties, to ensure the Balmain Tigers have a future on the Balmain peninsula,” Heworth Development Director, Brian Hood said.

“The current agreement certainly doesn’t impact our development proposal, which is being considered by Inner West Council, and includes a brand-new clubhouse for the Balmain Leagues Club  at its traditional home on Victoria Road, Rozelle.

“Our goal from the outset has been to deliver a well-designed, and activated, mixed-use precinct, and help breathe new life into one of Sydney’s most dilapidated sites. The inclusion of increased public space, more food and beverage options, and the return of the Tigers, is still very much at the heart of these plans.

“Neither the current financial situation of the Leagues Club, nor the conjecture over the Western Harbour Tunnel proposal by the State Government, will deter Heworth from pushing ahead with its plans for the site.  We share with Inner West Council Mayor Darcy Byrne an ongoing commitment to bring the Balmain Tigers back home to Rozelle.”

In May 2018, Heworth lodged its Development Application (DA) for the old Balmain Leagues Club Site with Inner West Council.  A condition for development is inclusion of space for the Club.


Features of Heworth’s development proposal, include:

-A new club for the Balmain Tigers

-New open space, lanes and public square (1100sqm)

-Three residential buildings between 11-12 storeys, facing Victoria Road and three storey low-rise buildings facing Waterloo St (173 apartments in total)

-Sustainable design, including green roof & deep soil space for mature tree planting and green space

-Collaborative Commercial space; (2350sqm)

-Supermarket and Retail Space (4500sqm) – reduced to meet community requests

– Public Parking for 126 vehicles

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