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Message From The Chairman

Dear Members,

Last week saw the final interment of Balmain Leagues Club Ltd (Subject to DOCA) (BLC).

At two separate General Meetings of the members of BLC and Wests Ashfield Leagues Club (WAL), an amalgamation proposal was put up for approval.  The outcome of these two meetings guarantees the future of Balmain Tigers Rugby League Football Club (BTRLFC), its brand and its legacy.

The first meeting of the members of BLC took place at Balmain Town Hall on Wednesday night, 18 September 2019. BLC was placed into Voluntary Administration in October 2018 when the directors were faced with a serious issue of solvency. Without the prospect of meeting its debts and all avenues exhausted the inevitable decision was made.

This meeting was solemn. After the proposal was explained and questions from members had been answered, our members voted strongly to accept the advice of the administrator, Mr Greg Parker. He had worked tirelessly since October towards a solution.  Together with Simon Cook, CEO WAL, Michelle Nielsen, CEO Balmain Tigers and respective Boards, a way forward had been found.

The following evening, at a meeting of the members of WAL, the support of the amalgamation proposal was overwhelming. The business case for this was strongly outlined, but the support for our club extended beyond commercial interest; this was a display of Australian mateship at its best. Wests Tigers will forever be  unified by the relationship and commercial agreement forged between the two clubs and is destined to become a stronger and more viable entity in the NRL.

The heritage of the union of two foundation clubs extending over a combined 220 years is unique in Australian sport.

The generosity of WAL directors and members will be forever recorded in history. In turn, BTRLFC will continue to give its unstinting support in furthering the success of Wests Tigers.

The Wests Tigers Centre of Excellence will be constructed at Concord. A premiership in 2005 already showed what we could achieve with scarce resources, up against the rich and powerful clubs in the NRL.

BTRLFC will maintain a 10% shareholding of Wests Tigers in perpetuity and will receive funding from the amalgamated club, the BTRLFC Board will remain and have representation on the Wests Tigers Board.   Our CEO, Michelle Nielsen will continue to administer the business of BTRLFC and oversee the operations of the registered club at Sydney Markets while working across the WAL Group.

The administration and competition of the Balmain District Junior Rugby League (BDJRL) will remain unchanged while the pathways, for all players will become more clearly defined.

Upon the completion of the amalgamation process, BTRLFC will finalise its audit and AGM commitments.

This is a new era for all of us.

Leslie Glen
Chairman – Balmain Tigers Rugby League Football Club

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