A Letter From The President

The Tigers have been part of the Balmain Rozelle community for over 100 years – Let’s make it another 100 years

The Tigers have been part of the Balmain area since 1908 and the Balmain Leagues club has had its base in Balmain since 1957. The Tigers are more than a club.  The Tigers are a part of the community, a part of the local history. They are part of the fabric of the community.

The return to Rozelle is not just about the long-term viability of Tigers but about being where we and where the community and supporters want to belong.

The Tigers started the process of re-development in earnest from 2003 in discussion with Leichhardt Council, our members and the community. This was about creating a vibrant site that not only provided for the long term viability and growth of the Tigers’ club but allowed such a key site in the Leichhardt Council area to be developed under a master plan.

The plan aimed to avoid a fragmented development that would not be positive for either business operators or local residents

The development was to contribute to the on-going vibrancy and viability of the Rozelle Commercial Centre. As you know, the journey has neither been smooth nor easy.

In 2008, the Tigers commenced a relationship with Reed Construction on the development, which was to be funded by Lehman Brothers. Prior to the final sign off, unfortunately the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) hit and for all of us everything changed.  We had run out of options, at the last moment Rozelle Village offered us a lifeline.

Rozelle Village shared our vision of the area, its opportunities and they understood that the Tigers needed to be part of the community. They could see the long-term future. For many members, myself included the relationship with Balmain Tigers and Balmain Leagues Club is a lifetime partnership.

It is more than bricks and mortar. It is where we meet; it is the history we share, the place where we live. It is sport – junior and senior; it is part of our community fabric. Black and Gold are just not colours, they are our history.

 We need to get back to Rozelle. We need your support to get the State and local government to remember that this development is about our future. Without the support of Rozelle Village we would not exist today. Without Rozelle we have no home. Rozelle Village and Tigers are sharing a journey, if the development is not approved at Rozelle this journey will come to an end.

We need to make sure that Leichhardt Council and the NSW State Government understand that if there is to be a Balmain Tigers, we need to return to Rozelle. Make your feelings known, ring, e-mail, fax and write.

Just think of what happens if Balmain cannot return to Rozelle; just think of what it would be like with no Balmain Leagues Club. We cannot let this happen. We need your help now more than ever.

For our future,

Kevin Rooney

President, Balmain Leagues Club