Barefoot Bowls at Tigers Five Dock.

Okay, let’s have some fun!

Tigers Five Dock welcomes bowlers of any ability wishing to bowl either socially, take part in our club competitions or play pennants. We are looking for local, regional and interstate bowlers to enjoy our fabulous facilities. There are two bowling greens, this space is ideal for social games or corporate bowl events. This club is certainly for the ‘young at heart’ of all ages who want to play sport in a fun and friendly environment. ‘The most fun you can have on two feet’. Join the trend in social barefoot bowling. Come in, play a game of bowls, then relax and enjoy all the facilities available in our club.

Please contact us if you’d like to try “the real thing” — it’s fun, healthy and very inexpensive.

Barefoot Bowls Functions

If you are interested in a barefoot bowls function, contact Karen on (02) 8789 6333 or email her ( to organise the perfect package for your group.


Kids are most welcome to play under the supervision of a responsible adult.

If you are interested in joining or wanting to have fun contact our friendly staff on 8789 6300 for any bookings and enquiries.

Check out the Bar Menu here – perfect for Barefoot Bowls


General Information:

  • When bowling, please observe some simple rules of etiquette.
  • Please no heels on the green.
  • Bare feet or socks are best.
  • Please refrain from taking glass or glass bottles onto the green.
  • Respect the surface of the green by not running, jumping, throwing or dropping the bowl.
  • With bowls available on loan we can offer coaching to potential bowlers and endeavour to get them into social games ASAP which is the best way of learning the game all one point.

About Lawn Bowls:

The object of the game is to deliver bowls closer to the jack (the small white ball) than your opponent to earn the right to score points. The player or team with the closest bowl to the jack earns one point, or “shot,” for each bowl closer to the jack than the nearest opponent bowl.

The interesting feature about bowls is that they are not exactly symmetrical — one side is more rounded than the other, causing the bowl to curve to one side as it slows down. This is referred to as the “bias” of the bowl.